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Mirinae Magic Theater

Mirinae Magic Theater started for Youth activity club as “Mirinae” in 2004 and It was founded in 2014, and become Mirinae Magic Theater since.

Through the contents of fusion of “ Youth and
Magic”, Develop variety education programs and
provide to it diverse Institutions. Currently, progress with 1,800 schools, 60 Youth institutions, 8 Offices of Education and programs of Department of Justice.

Henceforth, “ Youth & Magic Program" as well as the formation of landmark of local communities and development of variety performance contents that Spur will be running for.

Mirinae Magic Theater Promise to show reward for your attentions and interests as a honesty and young leader.
Mirinae Magic Theater promises to show to reward for your affective supports and interest as an honest young leader.

Mirinae Magic Theater representative Junghee Cho

  • Based on local culture!
  • For all Youth in the Future society!
  • For generalization of Magic!

미리내 마술극단

  • 회사소개
    • 인사말
    • 비전
    • 마술사소개
  • 프로그램
    • 흡연예방
    • 진로직업
    • 학교폭력
    • 위기청소년
    • 인성교육
    • 자살예방
    • 프로그램예약 및 확인
  • 공연
    • 외부공연
  • 학원
    • 학원소개
    • 수강과정
    • 수강신청 및 문의사항
  • 고객센터
    • 수강신청 및 문의사항

767-8, Jeongjo-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
TEL : +82-031.241.1238~9
H.P : +82-10.9073.1864

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