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Youth smoking prevention and antismoking program with Magic

It is a meaningful lecture that has a campaigned smoking prevention program. The main contents are “second-hand
smoking” and “one-person campaign” and experiential activities are also contained. Smoking prevention program of
Mirinae Magic Theater has strong points that building a fast-minded relationship with students, increasing class
concentration as well as caution about smoking. This class progresses with very smooth and enjoyable mood.

미리내 마술극단

  • 회사소개
    • 인사말
    • 비전
    • 마술사소개
  • 프로그램
    • 흡연예방
    • 진로직업
    • 학교폭력
    • 위기청소년
    • 인성교육
    • 자살예방
    • 프로그램예약 및 확인
  • 공연
    • 외부공연
  • 학원
    • 학원소개
    • 수강과정
    • 수강신청 및 문의사항
  • 고객센터
    • 수강신청 및 문의사항

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