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violence (home/school)

Program, realistically approach to Importance of violence prevention

Violence (home/school) prevention program in Mirinae Magic Theater
Children know what is violence but they do not know how to properly prevent it and what they can do for it.
This program brings all of victim, attacker and bystander of home and school violence becomes weakness and
diseased through contagiousness of violence in sense. Especially, it emphasizes the fear of contagiousness and
importance of prevention.

미리내 마술극단

  • 회사소개
    • 인사말
    • 비전
    • 마술사소개
  • 프로그램
    • 흡연예방
    • 진로직업
    • 학교폭력
    • 위기청소년
    • 인성교육
    • 자살예방
    • 프로그램예약 및 확인
  • 공연
    • 외부공연
  • 학원
    • 학원소개
    • 수강과정
    • 수강신청 및 문의사항
  • 고객센터
    • 수강신청 및 문의사항

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